New Horizons for Barbara B: Winning bid for two cemeteries in Vienna

Barbara B is increasingly affirming its international profile by winning contacts in several European countries. After landing in England, the Cooperative flew to Vienna, where it won a tender for the management of cemetery services in two facilities in the Austrian capital for the next two years: Großjedlersdorf and Stammersdorf Ort. Four local staff are currently working on the new contract, one of them has fifteen years of experience and the other three are young but are proving to be particularly reliable.

The service is more articulated than those normally carried out in Italy, in addition to the classic cemetery operations it also includes the complete organization of the funeral ceremony, from the preparation of the church to the floral decorations. In Vienna, within each cemetery area there is a temple where the funerals are held, followed by the immediate burial of the deceased.

All services are carried out under the strict control of a City Commissioner, Friedhöfe Wien GmbH which is a company of the municipality of Vienna. The service managed by Barbara B has just started, but the evaluation of the commissioner has always been recognized as top quality. The news couldn’t have been better, so much so that in addition to the official votes provided, the commissioner congratulated Barbara B local supervisor Marian Popovici for the excellent work done.