Barbara B’s Christmas in Yorkshire

Barbara B Cooperative operation in the United Kingdom is not only green and ground maintenance and environmental hygiene. Coming from Turin, Barbara B operates in eleven regions and 64 Italian cities, and it has been proud to serve some NHS Trusts, managing dozens of hospital facilities, in the north of England. Looking forward to Christmas Holidays, Barbara B employees installed a tall Christmas tree at Pinderfields General Hospital, about 20 feet high. In the next few days, the tree will be decorated by the hospital staff and will be inaugurated. This is the second tree placed in Yorkshire, with the first already installed at Dewsbury district Hospital.

Pinderfields General Hospital is one of the national most important trauma centers, performing emergency surgery; it is also home to the Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injuries Center (YRSIC), one of 12 specialist spinal injury centers in the UK. That’s not all, as inside the facility there is a regional unit for children’s burns that serves an area of about 3 and a half million people. Emergency departments handle over 150 patients a year, often with severe and life-threatening burns, as well as 1,800 external patients.

The installation of the tree aims to bring a bit of relief and, if possible, a bit of joy to family members and patients who are struggling with very critical and dangerous situations, a way to support those who are trying to overcome difficult moments.