Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics


Turin, 3 may 2014
All those working for or working members of s.c.s BarbaraB must comply with the following ethical rules, which form an integral part of their employment contracts.
It is expressly forbidden for anyone working for the Cooperative to accept fees, gifts or payments offered to them by suppliers, users and other organisations, aimed at, or in any case capable of, inducing them to breach this Code of Ethics. All employees and collaborators are required to inform their supervisors of any such offers received. The Service Head will convey such information to both the contract manager and the Cooperative management immediately.
In particular, while in service, BarbaraB’s cemetery morticians and mortuary staff are required to maintain conduct which is correct and in observance of the law and service rules and is respectful towards clients. In addition they must not commit any act or omission, including verbally, of such a nature as to harm the honourable reputation of the organisation (including the request or acceptance of tips or fees from third parties during the performance of cemetery and mortuary services or the recommendation of specific funeral directors, florists or marble masons to mourners).
The Cooperative undertakes to comply with the applicable law and provisions of collective employment contracts. It undertakes to avoid any discrimination in the selection, appointment, training, promotion and remuneration of its employees save in relation to their knowledge and respective merits. It undertakes to observe criteria based on merit, skills, dedication and all other criteria exclusively of a professional nature in the adoption of any decision relating to the employment relationship with its staff and external collaborators.
All BarbaraB’s staff undertake to obtain full knowledge and understanding of this Code of Ethics and:
  • To comply with the rules relating to the general principle of propriety including legislative provisions concerned with worker duties, collective contracts, circulars and the internal regulations and instructions of the Cooperative;
  • To adopt and maintain a principled and professional conduct in dealings with the Cooperative for the precise purpose of creating value for the Cooperative and its clients;
  • To use the resources and equipment made available by the Cooperative for employment and not personal purposes correctly and never to use the resources and equipment made available by the Cooperative for work purposes to carry out work for other businesses or individuals. To such end the Cooperative’s authorised representative or a party delegated by the latter will be entitled to carry out sample checks (e.g. on business computers – see the Business Policies document annexed) aimed at verifying compliance with such rules;
  • Not to carry out activities for other
    employers while in service;

  • Not to use the service vehicles for personal purposes;
  • To use the resources at their disposal in compliance with their intended use, taking care that they are properly functioning and that their ordinary maintenance is carried out, avoiding damage to the same;
  • To inform their supervisors in the event of damage caused to resources or equipment;
  • Never to sign an Amicable Confirmation of a Car Accident, adopting the following procedure: wait for instructions from their supervisors or confine the data supplied to essential personal details, noting those of the other party in writing (the name of the other driver, details of his or her driving licence, licence plate number, details of car insurance);
  • To avoid over-consumption and waste of materials, not using products and fuel belonging to the Cooperative for personal use and consumption;
  • To base their actions during work activities on principles of transparency, propriety, honesty and professionalism both inside and outside the Cooperative;
  • To perform their roles with responsibility, complying promptly, fairly and loyally with the instructions provided by their supervisors (Service head or Contract Manager); in serious cases of differing opinions, workers will be entitled to produce a short and reasoned document disputing the instructions;
  • To comply conscientiously and with diligence and professionalism with safety at work regulations and to maintain relations with colleagues based on principles of civil conduct, fair cooperation and productive collaboration;
  • Not to behave towards their colleagues in ways that are damaging to their personal dignity or to commit any act of discrimination based on differences of sex, background or political and religious beliefs;
The information relating to the Cooperative such as, for example, knowledge of a technical design, of a financial offer, of negotiations, of company development strategies or of events, including if in the future and uncertain, relating to the Cooperative’s activities, in addition to all data concerning the Cooperative’s staff, will be classified as confidential with the obligation not to disclose the same to third parties if not authorised by a hierarchical superior or deriving from duties clearly relating to his or her work responsibilities.

Those to whom the Code applies will be required:


  • Not to disclose the information described above save to the extent strictly necessary in the performance of their duties for the Cooperative, without prejudice to the fact that the obligations of confidentiality remain in existence even after the cessation of the employment relationship;
  • To refer only to the documentation they are authorised to access, using the same in a manner compliant with their work duties and to grant access to the same only to those who are entitled to do so;
  • comply with the applicable law.
The Cooperative recognises the role of primary importance held by suppliers for its development. The Cooperative will select its suppliers taking into account their quality, cost, punctuality and the services offered. The Cooperative will ensure that its staff select suppliers in compliance with internal procedures designed to guarantee the choice of the supplier who offers the best performance on the basis of the characteristics indicated in this Article. Such procedures are required to guarantee the establishment of stable and long-lasting relations characterised by propriety and transparency. With regards to relations with suppliers, both in their selection and in the management of the supplier contract, the Cooperative’s staff will be required:

  • To pursue the Cooperative’s goals with diligence and professionalism in compliance with the law in force;
  • To adopt conduct that is fair and transparent.

The purchase of products and services not following the business purchasing procedure, not effected by the Purchases Office or not counter-signed by way of authorisation by the person carrying out the functions of the Internal Management Control Manager, will not be recognised as an obligation of the Cooperative with the possible direct charging of the person committing the procedural breach.

The observance of the Code of Ethics Rules is an essential part of employees’ contractual obligations pursuant to Articles 2104, 2105 and 2106 of the Italian Civil Code. Collaboration contracts include the obligation to comply with this Code of Ethics.

Any breach of the provisions of the Code of Ethics by Cooperative staff may constitute the non-performance of the primary obligations of the subordinate employment or collaboration relationship or a disciplinary offence in compliance with the procedures laid down in Article 7 of the Workers’ Charter (where, and to the extent applicable), with all legal consequences flowing therefrom, including in relation to the maintenance of the subordinate employment or collaboration relationship and may likewise be the basis for claims for compensation for loss and damage.

The Cooperative’s Human Resources department will ensure the communication of the Code of Ethics and of the principles contained in them, annexing the same to the monthly pay packet of all those already employed, and will deliver a paper copy of the Code of Ethics to all newly appointed employees. The communication of the Code of Ethics must also be adequately guaranteed in the Cooperative’s external relations.


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