A flower to not forget

A FLOWER TO NOT FORGET is a new project that is seeing Barbara B as one of the major promoters, also being the larger shareholder in the Piacenza Servizi Cimiteriali joint venture. This project has also the full support of Gruppo Fioristi Confcommercio Piacenza. The idea behind the project comes from the fact that more than 300 tombs in the urban cemeteries of Piacenza are currently abandoned having no more relatives to take care of them. Nevertheless, a community has the duty of remember even those who have no family to commemorate any more. For this reason, we decided to take action and to lay a flower on each and every unattended tomb to pay our respect. Gruppo Fioristi Confcommercio Piacenza immediately joined Piacenza Servizi Cimiteriali in this project and they provided it with a donation of 300 plants. Piacenza Servizi Cimiteriali staff will then lay the plants on the tombs. This will be done with a special ceremony on Thursday 22nd, 2020 at 11am. We decided for that date as it is right before the November festivity to better create a sense of community.