Burials doubled at Piacenza Cemetery, but the organization keep up

The City of Piacenza is enduring a dramatic period and the cemetery is under great pressure as the burials are doubled in number. The cemetery service organization is carrying on even in the light of the current emergency – thanks to the commitment and responsibility of the staff and to a new internal organization, Barbara B is being able to keep up with the dramatic increase of workload. If the numbers of the emergency will be the same in the next days, it will be clear that the burials will have doubled, compared to the last weeks, by the end of the month. Supporting the bereaved and keeping up to this difficult moment, the organization can count on two employees working in the offices, and, recently, a field manager was appointed to face the emergency situation, and daily a team of eight is available for all burial operations. Thanks to an increase of personnel and a strong organization, we were able to face this emergency in an efficient and orderly manner.