Barbara B: a social-based cooperative

Barbara B: a social-based cooperative



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We are a Type B social cooperative governed by the rules set out in Law 381/91 concerning social cooperatives. Discipline of Social CooperativesArticle 1 of this law states that “the purpose of social cooperatives is to pursue the general interest of the community in promoting human values and the social integration of citizens by conducting a variety of activities, including agricultural, industrial, commercial and service activities, aimed at providing employment for disadvantaged people”.



The “BarbaraB” Era is upon us

Night time watch, information services and cortege to the place of burial, improvement in the cleaning and maintenance of green areas and computerising of cemetery activities.
A small revolution has started at Treviglio cemetery.

Il Giornale di Treviglio, 12 september 2017



Memory lives on thanks to BarbaraB

The Cooperative is voluntarily helping us to revive the memory of those who fought for freedom.
This year it has gone further, removing at its own expense the grime built up over years of neglect. Now the graveyard of those who gave their lives for their country is a beautiful sight.

La Libertà di Piacenza, 3 may 2018


The return of decorum

Following protests by many locals complaining of the indecorous state of the Alghero cemetery, a new company has appeared on the scene with its roots in Piedmont and a solid organisational structure: BarbaraB is doing everything necessary to find a solution to the problem. Peace has been restored to the cemetery.

La Nuova Sardegna, 20 may 2018


The Sesto New Cemetery reopens

The commissioner for trade and cemetery services Maurizio Torresani emphasizes: “Thanks to the workers of the cooperative Barbara B who runs the cemetery and to the excellent coordination of the municipal offices that in one day have arranged the area

Local newspaper, 1 november 2018

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Operative Office

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Registered office

Corso Rosselli, 93 – 10129 Torino